CBD Pleasure Products

At Coastal CBD Relief, we believe in high-quality full spectrum CBD infused lubricants and suppositories. We offer high potency CBD products for erotic pleasure that provide a variety of added health benefits. Enhance intimacy with the soothing & activating effects of CBD delivered directly to intimate areas.

Good lubricant is a bedroom essential. Foria Awaken Oil is the first intimate massage oil made with broad-spectrum CBD and synergistic botanical and aromatic oils. The luscious oil is light, non-greasy, and gently moisturizing. If you have problems with tension, discomfort or dryness, try Foria CBD Lubricant Oil. This oil-based lubricant is formulated in a natural way to enhance pleasurable sensations and add silky glide to all your erotic experiences.

When it comes to CBD products for pleasure, Coastal CBD Relief is your most trusted source. In addition to increasing pleasure, Coastal CBD Relief’s adult products are easy to apply and offer added health benefits including reduced anxiety and pain relief without getting you “high.”

CBD products for pleasure may lead to better and longer sex. Our customers purchase CBD products to promote health, mind and body wellness, and a higher quality of living. Added benefits of CBD products include: enhanced wetness, reduced friction and anxiety, improved focus, increased stress management, pain relief, reduced inflammation, enhanced mood and reduced insomnia through improved sleep quality.

At Coastal CBD we believe in providing our customers with the top of line products when it comes to intimacy. Foria is one of the best line we carry that is committed to all-natural an organic practices. It’s formulated for women’s unique anatomy. It’s designed to enhance sensation and pleasure while decreasing tension, discomfort and dryness. It’s silky texture and decadent natural aromas that enhance “oral play” for both partners.

CBD intimate products is said to enhance sensation and arousal. Reduces discomfort, tension, inflammation and pain which may lead to a longer play time.